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Senior Contributor


What the heck is going on at ESPN, all these hosts' chiming in on politics and then the double standard in punishment.

Curt Shilling - Fired

Linda Cohn - Suspended, and told to go home & think about what she said.

Jemele Hill - It's OK to call President Trump & his supporters "White Supremacist's" 

Others told not to spew politically conservative opinions.

Asian-american announcer Robert Lee removed from a University of Virginia football game broadcast because his name was too similar to Robert E. Lee. 


--I personally liked Shilling, Cohn & Hill, but don't want to know about their politics.  Liked J. Hill a lot but won't watch her for a second going forward.

--PTI has been my favorite sports show for some years, they talked about golfing with Obama and I knew they were big fans of Obama, however they were not overtly political.  Not they feel they have to bash Trump on almost every show.  I have watched only a hand-full of their shows in the past several months.


--Hear ESPN is in financial trouble and are letting a lot of people go to save money, don't know if it's true but find it amazing how small of % of my TV time is spent watching ESPN compared to how big that % used to be - hearing the same from a lot of folks.


I guess I shouldn't be surprised, MSESPN is 80% owned by Disney whom also owns ABC News.