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What happened? They need to come back to the only President who will fix this.

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I see Jon Stewart on the Daily Show was hammering Obama pretty hard last night as well but on more then just his handling of the oil leak.  Stewart played clips of past Obama speeches and campaign ads where Obama expressed his disagreement with the Bush White House and promises to handle things differently with Miranda Rights, Habeas Corpus, extraordinary rendition, protecting whistle blowers, closing GITMO, allowing terrorist suspsects a speedy trial, maintaining an open government, targeting of terrorists and now even U.S. citizens with assasination.  Then Stewart would show news clips showing where Obama has basically followed the Bush doctrine on these issues.

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yesterday I saw my first "I miss W" sticker on an old pickup truck in an area town.


I think W could have handled this crisis better, and McCain could have handled 9-11 much better. The right men might have been there for the USA but we chose to use them at the wrong time and place.


Just think if we had never invaded Iraq, if we had let our soldiers finish the original mission in Afghanistan, and if we had moved to a neutral position in the middle east quietly after the attacks and promoted moderation among the arab world instead of confrontation.