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Magic Johnson

It is public knowledge that magic johnson has wanted to own a NBA team. Preferably in his beloved LA. Is it coincidental That Sterling"s personal aide has been associating with the Magic and just happened to record Sterling private comments. The same comments that have Sterling about to lose his NBA clippers.


It seems to me that sterling might be suffering from some degree of dementia and whether he should be held accountable for all he says. In any case a conspiracy theorist might find some connections if he was so inclined. Something to consider?

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Re: Magic Johnson

Enter sammy and dearone!

Senior Contributor

Interesting theory

Hadn't heard those details before.


One other thing to add to the complexity of the whole situation.   Sterling's wife says she owns half the team, and does not want to relinquish her half ownership.   I don't see why she should have to, provided she can legally prove she owned half, before this whole episode happened.