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Makes the farm program look pretty cheap

Experts at the National School Lunch Association estimate 1 million fewer students eat lunch at school than when the regulations went into effect in 2012.

A National School Nutrition Association survey also found food waste is up in 81.2 percent of schools nationwide, and a study by Cornell and Bringham Young universities estimates the waste at $4 million per day. Students in Los Angeles schools alone are throwing away $100,000 in food per day, ABC reports.


The obvious choice for the Michelle Obama school lunch:


In one Vermont school district, officials devised a plan to “repurpose” their lunch waste as feed for about 3,000 hogs at a local pig farm.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Makes the farm program look pretty cheap

Looks like the federal school lunch program is not nearly as important as we have been lead to believe.

Milligan Hay - Iowa d:^)
Veteran Advisor

Re: Makes the farm program look pretty cheap

The Obama's are sure creating a whole LOT of future Conservative voters with their lunch mandates.

Most kids I see are bringing their own lunch from home.
gough whitlam
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Re: Makes the farm program look pretty cheap

Yeah but you would say that ay? You seem to have got a second breath lately. Are you incontinent yet over an expectant victory? It can't be your politically inexperienced big mouth raging at full speed!
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Re: Makes the farm program look pretty cheap



Read what you wrote.  Then ask yourself exactly what you defended.  It would appear all you did was spew things out at a person rather than address the problem of government overreaching into the lives of people.  You didn't address the concept of freedom of choice by the very people that pay the bill.


You being on the side that supports abortion, gay marriage, reproductive freedom (i.e. anybody can have a baby and expect the rest of us to pay for it), open borders (illegal aliens entering the country and living off taxpayers), I'm surprised that you wouldn't support freedom of food choice.  It's a strange dichotomy of you on the left that you want freedom to do things that are bad for society and the country in many instances and want to restrict things that mainstream people consider their right, i.e. to eat what they want.