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Making America great again

Correction-- making Trump great for the first time!

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Re: Making America great again


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Re: Making America great again

Let's look at what Trump says:


Republican from New York

Donald Trump has been a real estate developer, entrepreneur and host of the NBC reality show, "The Apprentice." He is the nominee for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016. Trump's statements were awarded PolitiFact's 2015 Lie of the Year.

The PolitiFact scorecard



  15% True or Mostly True - you know what the rest are....BS!!!!!


Recent statements involving Donald Trump:




Mostly False

Experts disagree with Trump

Pants on Fire!

Fact-check and mate!

Pants on Fire!

All 4 scientific polls show he lost

Donald Trump

Says he won the second debate with Hillary Clinton "in a landslide" in "every poll."

— PolitiFact Wisconsin


 So tell me about the truthfullness of YOUR candidate Millie!!!


Tick Tock....