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Making sense of Trumputin




Disclosure- long ago Engdahl was linked to the LaRouche organization but nevertheless I've often found his insights useful.


If we begin with the near 100% certain assumption that Trump doesn't drive this bus in the least- it is the folks feeding him stuff who do. the idea that there's a deeper purpose behind the Putinophila seems almost certain.


What seems most likely is what he suggests- that the real Deep State is driving him to play classic Balance of Power politics- allying with the weaker of the two challenging powers to split them.


The deliberate antagonism of China- clearly the only challenge to US suzerainty, fits this to a T.


But also worth noting that a decade and a half ago an administratoin came to power with a detailed plan to remake the balance of power in the world and it turned out disasterously.


Just sayin'.





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Re: Making sense of Trumputin

Also worth noting as to this marriage of convenience- Likud has no love lost for continental Europe because (70 years of guilt aside) they aren't owned by Israel to the same degree as the US and UK.


So helping break NATO as a quid pro quo to Russia makes sense. What they get in return is an alliance between the US Neocon, Slavic and Likud Mafias against "Islam."


While the 2001 Likud strategy to engage the US fully in the ME failed catstrophically it only served to ensure the need to double down.


Plenty of Folks in the USA well prepped for The Final Solution.



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Re: Making sense of Trumputin

So, it is good thing that I am learning Russian, dah?

GOP, Likud, Trump

If you want to control a people just gain control of their religion.

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Re: GOP, Likud, Trump

Liberal's religion is that of Almighty and Worshipful Centralized Government.  To which, they are now suppressed. 

Re: GOP, Likud, Trump

.......and 60 M losers can ally as the brownshirts the few hundred thousand winners to keep it that way.


At least somebody else will be a bigger loser and the just order of things will be maintained.

correction to headline

Meant Putin. FWIW, it is BS for "the media" to be calling Trump "the most powerful man in the world" since Putin is a real billionaire dozens of times over and has more nukes and more autonomy over their use.


But anyway, a key part of the Slavic Mafia's control over Russia is the Orthodox Church.



too early to tell

If the brownshirt mob actually gets anything out of this in return. But so far it is looking to me like the power of propaganda has delivered them way "below budget."

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Re: correction to headline

Funny, in that Russia's military budget is only 14% of the U.S. Military budget.  The Russian energy company, GasProm, is floundering in light of weak oil prices. Maybe that is why they are so interested in Middle East affairs.