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Malaysian jet


Don't know why I'd failed to check out VT which is the go to place for any and all conspiracy theories. There actually is some good stuff to be gleaned from among all the crap there from time to time. I really haven't been able to buy in on some of the stuff, like Tony Blair and **bleep** Cheney being alien shapeshifters but, you know, it would explain some things.


An aside on VT, though. Some of the contributors do sometimes siginficantly depart from the general zionist skeptic tone to outright anti-semitism. I tend to view that as not only utterly self defeating but probably so blatantly so that it makes you wonder about the deep background of the whole thing.


I'm also not endorsing any of the alternate theories, in fact they tend to also be counterproductive because they just lend themselves to "bebunking" and tend to reinforce the official conspiracy theory.


The official theory seems to be settling on the idea that one or both of the pilots must have decided to engage in a political statement/murder/suicide and thus drive it off into the remotest place and then dump it. And that nobody had any skin paint radar tracks on the thing or other data.


I'll express a substantial degree of skepticism on that.



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Re: Malaysian jet

Just about every story I've heard that can fit with the know facts (well, if they are facts),  systems turned off some time apart, the plane continuing to fly hours afterwards,  is itself so full of wholes as to be unlikely.  I sure as heck don't have a clue what can be believed.

gough whitlam
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Re: Malaysian jet

The very first sentence made the same assumption I did in half the time. The difference they were three years too early. With basic bungles like that you post this like it is factual!!! Give me a break.