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Senior Advisor

Man, Oh, Man, Mr. No Mask DeSantis should be ....

Man, oh, man, Mr. No Mask DeSantis should be proud of himself, Covid infections in Florida are going positively ballistic.  Infections for the past six days are; 16,935; 20,133; 22,783; 23,903; 28,316; & 28,317.  I mean, he broke his record six days in a row, on a weekend no less.  That's a total of 140,387 sick in less than a week. Even if only 1% dies, that's 1400, and I low balled that.

  If the Angel of Death gives out prizes, DeSantis will get one for sure.

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bruce MN

He’s got it covered

Intends to use EO to withhold pay from School administrators and Board members in Districts that require students and staff to mask.