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I think cake

Ice cream, Doritos and mt dew are exactly what they are eating.


As I've said here before living in one of the most demographically poor school districts is quite instructional.  The schools have free breakfast for everyone, about 70% are on free lunch.  Amazing the tricked out 1 ton you can drive when you only need to provide 1 meal a day to your kids.  They've also got a summer program where you can take you kids for free meals.   The income verification on these programs does not exist and the schools want the kids on them because they get higher funding if t hey reach a certain level of low income students.   I've refused to fill out the schools income statement forms for years when administrators have pushed to get the forms in I've told them it's none of there business.   They've told me I can put down any numbers I want.


Cutting that budget is a good thing,  allot more things need to be cut as well.