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Re: This explains a lot, Johnna

  Don't get your panties wadded up, I'm certain you have many other scapegoats to make you feel superior.   You love to argue about illusionary things and use stereotypes in order to grandize yourself.  


   Your argument lacks reason and logic, if you showed evidence of this documentation about the carcinogenic dangers of pot, then it would have been more than your desperate ad hominem crap.


  I'm guessing you're still smoking and/or chewing, when did you start? 




Re: But.....

  Is your remedy for "America is in is the shape it is", is for the state to control the non criminal behavior of people.  It's called the nanny-state. 


    I take meds for diabetes which have some proven to cause heart attacks or bladder cancer.  It's a gamble one way or the other, I'm glad you nanny statists are currently somewhat restricted in using the force of government to make that call for me. 

Senior Contributor

Re: This explains a lot, Johnna

@Red Steele wrote:

Paranoia, bouts of arguing over petty stuff, illusions of grandeur.....are you just smoking the hemp?


I believe that it has been well documented that Pot smoking is much more carcinogenic than cigarettes and undoubtedly kills more people than it would help. Put the pipe down and get on with a meaningful life. Get high on life, pal.




While I wont comment on the first part,  I don't beleive your last part is correct.  From what I've seen, marijuana smokers do NOT develop lung cancer any faster than non-smokers.