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Marine kills another at Camp Lejeune.

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Re: Marine kills another at Camp Lejeune.

Came in for lunch and had been thinking about this. Pertains more to the recent suicide thread than directly to this case, which nobody seems to know much about yet anyway.




I'm assuming he intendes "anti-psychiatric" as satirical. It is Gordo so take with a grain of salt but there's some truth there.


Don't want to claim this as the rosetta stone of conflate it with other issues like anti-medical science, broader mass shootings etc.


Specifically to the matter. Until not very long ago, war casualties were often as much from disease as from violence- you assemble people from everywhere, concentrate them, move people in and out constantly from a multitude of environments.


So all the vaccinations, preventatives etc. are no doubt better than the alternative (think of the scandal if soldiers were dying from preventable diseases in large numbers) not to mention the strategic implications.


On the psychiatric side, well, the drugs are pretty much all that psychiatry does anymore and again, think of the outrage (already happening) about soldiers NOT receiving treatment.


But there is so much that we don't know about what we're subjecting people to.





Honored Advisor

Re: Marine kills another at Camp Lejeune.

I`m really worried about this country, alot of chickens have come home to roost as far as our society.  The WWII generation coped with the horrors of war by chain smoking Luckys and nursing an Old-Fashioned at the VFW, but they showed up on time and kept the family fed.  Today it`s "better living through pharmceuticals"  at a local factory, I am told that of the new workers they hire "80% quit in the first week"  I suppose at least they don`t bring a gun and shoot up the place, but demographically this is a hot mess.


I think Tony Soprano sums it up best