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Mark Cuban, farmer

on with Cramer at noon, talking about all the emergency subsidies that government should shovel out to businesses. "That's not socialism, it's capitalism."

In fairness, I think a sharp expansion of SBA loans is called for and that will cost something. But you are supposed to pay them back.

Beyond that, I think the best economic response would be to figure out what the median withholding on a worker for 6 months is and then cut everybody a check for that much. A very back of the envelope calc says that would be about $500B, or 2.5% of GDP. Ought to be sufficient. Businesses shouldn't be made insolvent for lack of short term credit but beyond that what they need is customers.

Other things- fund 2 weeks of paid sick days for anyone. 

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Senior Advisor

Re: Mark Cuban, farmer

Also, while stripped out by the GOP to some degree, already existing automatic stabilizers like UEI and food stamps do kick in.