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Marshall on Starr


A bit of a trip down memory lane. In 1993 GOP lawyer Robert Fiske was appointed as special counsel and found no wrongdoing in the Whitewater matter. With a new majority in 1994 the Gingrich congress appointed Ken Starr, who spent many years and untold sums to ultimately come up with one actionable charge that was far off any original mandate- lying about consensual extramarital sex.*


Like Marshall, I'm confident that Mueller won't range that far but he's certainly going to go farther than where Trump would like the limits to be- business interests of Trump and associates are germane.


Ken Starr later would go on the greater glory as a Pimp for Christ at Baylor- a path that multitudes of cardinals, bishops and popes have traveled over the centuries in similar defense of their institutions.


*Thus began the wildly lucrative anti-Clinton industry. I don't want anyone to have a panic attack over it but that game is officially over.