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Martha's migrant expulsion training

Martha's vineyard proved to be so remarkably efficient at removing migrants from their white racist enclave, wouldn't surprise anyone if they put together a democrat political fundraiser how to get rid of a breakfast taco video for other democrat white racist enclaves.


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Re: Martha's migrant expulsion training


Deeds and not words are what matter most.

Once again, ignore what all of these power elites in Washington, DC, in the MSM, living out in Silicon Valley, in Hollywood, or on Wall Street say. Their words mean less than nothing.

Watch, however, very closely what they actually do when they themselves have skin in the game. Watch what happens when their own money, their own personal property, their own kid’s schools, or their own healthcare services are in anyway threatened by the unwashed masses.*

[*e.g. Martha’s Vineyard’s 42 hour bum’s rush to rid themselves of 50 uninvited, illegal aliens.]

BA Deere
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Re: Martha's migrant expulsion training

Will be interesting if the Martha`s Vineyard district will pick up more Republican votes this November?  Sometimes it takes a shock to get the people to say "Oh, so that`s what you guys have been talking about!  We had no idea!".

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Re: Martha's migrant expulsion training

Senior Contributor

Re: Martha's migrant expulsion training


Oh those elite wonderful virtue signaling leftist....what a joke