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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Marxists concede US House to Capitalists

The article states that the marxist party has decided to try to salvage the Senate as prospects dim, and concede control of the US House to John B. and the merry band of TEA PARTY activists. What, is this the same gang that our Mr. B stated so many times was just a flash in the pan that was going to go away in short order? What on earth is going on here???





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bruce MN

Re: Marxists concede US House to Capitalists

'l'll fully admit to having said alot about the baggers over time but I doubt that I ever once said anything about them going away. Now or any time soon. Like a dirty shirt that can't be successfully laundered.


The GOP keeping the House is a foregone conclusion, baggers or no.  Continued divided COPngress and Dems win the National elections by bigger margins..


Baggers won''t be gone but will continue to make indies and Dems out of more and more Repbulicans by the day.  I seriously doubt that they are going to be making any converts in the opposite direction.

gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: Marxists concede US House to Capitalists

A Marxist party in the Senate or House of the US government???  Give me a break.  You mustbe off your medication if you believe that.


Re: Marxists concede US House to Capitalists

I don't think it'd fair to call them Marxist as I don't think they've got any guiding philosophy. they want to control every aspect of your life but they'll use fascism mostly as it is more palatable to the oligarchy. the grunt progressives have never come to the realization that the oligarchy completely controls their movement as most conservatives have never figured out they are progressives.