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Senior Contributor

Mary Poppins, as it happens,

turns out to be an Occupy anarchist, saving the Banks family home from evil bankers. And the grown up Jane Banks is a community organizer.


And Lin Manuel Miranda is in the cast- he warped young minds into wanting to be RINOs and having the gubmint grab dueling pistols from the cold dead fingers of good people.


And return of the dancing penguins- clearly a part of the global warming hoax.


That's where Hollywood values are taking us.


Venezuela!!!! Venezuela I tell you!!!!!!

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Senior Contributor

Re: Mary Poppins, as it happens,

I'm practicing to grab some of those wingnut welfare bucks as an pundit on Town Hall.

Senior Contributor

Re: Mary Poppins, as it happens,

The next thing you know they'll be telling us that the Baily Bros. Bedford Falls would be a better place than Ayn Rand's Potterville.


That's how the communist camels get their noses under the tent.