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Senior Advisor

Re: Maybe night 2 goes better

Actually, the #1 rural economic issue is universal, affordable healthcare that doesn't bankrupt people.

Hey, did I miss that Better Cheaper thing last week?

Senior Contributor

Re: Maybe night 2 goes better

How exactly does one judge a political party’s 2020 convention when the very names of such violently dysfunctional and disintegrating (i.e. Democratic Party controlled) cities as Portland, Chicago, NYC, Seattle, Kansas City, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington DC, Baltimore, St. Louis, and Philadelphia are so studiously avoided? 

Same question, only applied to the scarcity of the candidate himself and his inability to appear in front of live reporters in order to answer unrehearsed questions. How to judge such a man’s fitness for office?

Finally, what exactly do Joe Biden & Kamala Harris stand for other than neither of their names are Donald J. Trump?

[File under: We hate Trump. We voted for Hillary. And, we are all still just sick about the 2016 elections.]