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Senior Contributor

Re: It is something the US government sells to Mexican Drug Gangs

Isn't it nice, you people have a Dr. Goebbles, organization, to keep you right on top of this stuff? Because the only thing those people have right is they can spell their own name right, the rest is a petty, childish, witch hunt, pure politics.



Veteran Advisor

Re: Definition of assault weapon

Re read my post. These laws, taking guns away, had been on the books, then the Supreme Court overturned them, and now there are politicians who are trying to do an end-run around that ruling, to get a ban re-instated, one way or another. It was only the vigilance of some citizens, and their willingness to take it to court, that got the bns overturned. From the sounds of it, if you are a legal gun owner in Chicago, they will be making your guns illegal again, Those 'certain guns' you mention, that are on the re-ban list are ALL handguns, and ALL semi-auto rifles, regardless of caliber or style.