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Maybe the answer is

fewer drugs.


Or maybe a better negotiator like those 'other' countries must have since they have lower prices.


US President Donald Trump has accused foreign governments of extorting "unreasonably low prices" from pharmaceutical firms.


The president is under pressure to deliver on campaign promises to reduce the high costs of prescription drugs.


"I don't know how the American public is going to respond," Mr Anderson said. "It clearly does not meet what President Trump said he was going to do when he was elected."

He also said it is unlikely that countries will be cowed by administration demands about pharmaceuticals.

"I don't expect that any country is going to say, 'Oh, we're going to increase our prices because President Trump wants it'," he said.

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Re: Maybe the answer is

The cure of high prices, is high prices. 


Also, there is Black Market pharmaceutical sources. 

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Re: Maybe the answer is

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Re: Maybe the answer is

According to my calculator , Trump won the popular vote in 98.1 percent of the USA counties. Ouch.


it would be like an NBA team winning 98 to 2 in a basketball game, and some disgruntled fan complaining cause the losing team attempted more shots and should be declared the winner.


Or a baseball team winning the game 98-2 and the losers whining cause they got more hits or something.


Trump trumped his opposition....wasn't even close.


That is what you call a mandate.....well, maybe you have to call it a person-date or Mrs. Clinton will be back on the rampage about men again.


That witch is probably the sorest loser in US history, and her supporters are just as bad.



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Re: Maybe the answer is

A very pathetic lot...........

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Re: Maybe the answer is

(Electoral Explanation)


Looking at a County election map of US I would say this is fake news, best I could find is that Clinton won 466 Counties & Trump 2675 Counties, still a very impressive 85% winning margin on Counties.  


The 98% may have been Hillary's chance to win the election via 538 & the NY Times at 6 pm on election night, I know they had her chances very high and thus contributed the main stream / liberal media being so deflated at 11 PM; and the main stream / liberal media still has not gotten past this historical defeat as proven by their 90+% of negative reporting on Trump & his administration.


Democrats will bring their A game in the next Presidential election, right now the Democratic ticket front-runners would be Kathy Griffin and the ambulance chaser guy - hear the ambulance chaser guy worked for Rahm Emanuel whom is another icon of the Democratic party. 



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Re: Maybe the answer is

I` m betting their nominee in 20 will be Stormy Danials.......With perhaps Whoopie Goldburg as the vice quad.....