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Maybe we should have a contest

What date will one of the doofuses post something here actually worth reading? Are most of you like me in ignoring most of their links?

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Senior Advisor

Re: Maybe we should have a contest

yes (to 2nd question)

Senior Contributor

Re: Maybe we should have a contest

Red, they regurgitated lie after msm lie for the entirety of the President Trump's administration and never stepped back for even a moment.   Anonymous leak after anonymous leak many being flat out disproven many melting away unverified as just another lie on a mountain of lies.   Everyone knows what I'm talking about.  Never once was there a mia culpa, never once did they ponder how wrong they were, its just on to the next lie.

And so it continues, look how the dummy is trying to spin the massive failure in kabul as a great victory.

Senior Advisor

Re: Maybe we should have a contest

We have a president of the Unites States of America that takes a knee for the flag. Shows his contempt and hatred for this nation. These guys are happy with his leadership. They hate the country more than he does.