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McCain gives cover

So as to avoid the party, and Pence, owning PenceCare, and/or political fallout for squishy Rs.


Pro rasslin' but a cut above most matches.

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McCain is in a, shall we say, unique position to save the party from itself.



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Re: yes

I'm glad McCain had the political will and knowledge to stand up and do the right thing. The plan to send this bill back to the House for "fixing" was a terrible one. There is no telling what the House would have done - they might have simply passed it and let Trump sign it into law.

Veteran Advisor

Re: yes

Maybe it was tit-for-tat Knapper.   The House dumped the crap on the Senate....maybe they were just reciprocating an decided to dump it all back on their laps.  But I agree with you.  I think they would have blessed it, and sent it on to be signed...McCain and the gals just saved the US from a really bad piece of legislation - just to get a win for the loser we have sitting in for a real president....


Tick Tock....BONGx8!!!!!!!!