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McCain is a moron

Doing the rounds this morning on behalf of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, claiming that the apparent quick resolution of the bombing case shows that the $trillion we've spent on DHS related stuff was a good invetment.


We are are a very stupid people so it may sell. Of course what this shows is the exact opposite- our law enforcement people are very good, DHS was a complete failure in this matter.


Well at least we can thank God that him and the twit in office.

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Re: McCain is a moron

They were caught because of the citizens. Government once again proves it's worthlessness.

BA Deere
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Re: McCain is a moron

Will your 0bama be on the forefront pushing for more DHS funding?  Don`t answer, you won`t anywaySmiley Happy   But if there`s one issue that has the most consensus on here is "drones and surveillance to kill ragheads and keep us safe" ..everyone from Gough to LPman to Faust to Schurrbart to Craig, I`m not saying they are wrong , just on this issue it seems to cross idealogical lines.


But Mccain got on my last nerve when he joined the Dems on gun control, the old basterd can go to hell.  He would be slightly better than the fool currently at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.


Watching bits and pieces of the Boston lockdown couple things come to mind.  The cops really look grumpy and totally out of shape, but there`s alot of `em.  When a couple cops were checking out the suspects house 2 of `em stood side of the door in full exposure to a side window, had that not been a photo-op in a already cleared house, that would`ve been a potentially fatal mistake.


Speaking of photo-ops, what was the secret service thinking allowing 0bama to go to Boston yeasterday?  I guess you`d call that a "photo-opps".

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Re: McCain is a moron

Hell yes, let's get rid of the cops, fbi, and all others that don't meet the rightwing standard! They didn't do anything. It was a rightwing armed to the tooth rambo who turned the tables on these two prickss. You guys never cease to amaze me!