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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: MeTV

No Canuck, I don`t want my entertainment preaching at me from EITHER side.  That is the "secret" to just have fun with a show and not push any agenda.  I was a fan of M*A*S*H* and many conservatives were, it was "anti-war" but we are all antiwar regardless what the other side says. .The heroes Hawkeye and BJ were liberal characters, but they weren`t in your face.  The antagonists Frank Burns and Colonel Flagg the rightwinger CIA guy were the follies, but the show was very well written and not offensive to anyone.  The canned laughter from old 1940s radio shows was tiring sometimes, other times the show had no laugh track, it was good television all the way around and regardless what side of the aisle you could have a good laugh or sometimes cry.


What IMO was the deal with the quality shows from the 60`s and 70`s and 80`s was there was still a audience of WWII and Korean war vets and producers and writers of shows were respectful of that share of viewers and walked the line of decency and the draft dodging hippies.   But today the Stephen Colberts and Saturday Night Lives and Blackish shows cater to only liberals and give the rest of America the dirty fingernail middle finger right in their face.

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Re: MeTV

Last but not least....all in the family
This might make some upset here.
Some of the story lines were written to
Be a social comment.
I think we all grew, along with Archie, which in
The long run was good, in my opinion.
Archie come a long way, from having a black
Man as his neighbor, to being infused with
Black blood, to kissing a black man, saving
The life of a gay man, to having a nice who
Was Jewish, and attending a synagogue.
He helped us us understand...even the draft dodger
Which he didn't agree with, but understood
Veteran Advisor

Re: MeTV

Ba doesn’t want to be preached to. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. But the conservatives will preach about how everyone should be like them and how bad and evil liberals and liberal ideas are! Don’t watch tv you don’t like. No one twisting your arm to watch stupid liberal movies and tv shows!
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Re: MeTV

That's why I don't have cable.

Senior Contributor

Re: MeTV

What the neocons are saying is that they approve of old TV shows like "Three's Company" because they were comfortable with making fun of Women, blondes or anyone who didn't have a half a dozen bankruptcy on their credit score.


Makes me think that they miss the point of a lot of current shows if they approve of 'Big Bang" yet are still into creationism.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: MeTV

3`s Company (if you`ve watched the show) showed empowered women, they would occasionally date a jerk and the girls would knock em down a few pegs and Jack was always respectful and defended them, it was a funny show, very clever using innuendo.   The late John Ritter seemed to be a real class act on and off the screen, Tex Ritter`s son, I believe.


The Big Bang Theory (despite the title) doesn`t push "slime turned into fish that turned into lizards, that turned into Planet of the Apes that turn into the modern liberal of today".   The Big Bang Show portrays Sheldon`s mom respectfully and she`s very Christian.   You are lead to believe that the 4 goofy scientists are agonistic, but they don`t "call Christians idiots" and such 95% of the time the show doesn`t have anything about religion.  It`s well written, though kind of as run it`s course since it`s been on the air so long.  If anything the joke of the show is the 4 smart guys take things too literally and have trouble getting around in society. 


I caught a episode of the spin off Young Sheldon where he was going to show up the family Pastor and it turned out young Sheldon was shown up by the nice Pastor who proved to him that he at least couldn`t prove that God does not exist.   Which I thought was pretty cool.