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Meanwhile, At the Collective Central...


Are any of us watching the DEMOCRATS?
Most of us are so busy watching our own party nominations, that we are not watching what's going on with the Democrats — watching that Bernie Sanders is actually doing quite well according to election results. Sanders is drawing record numbers of mostly young people, who all want the same thing — free stuff. So let me just take a moment to remind everyone of some very poignant truths, all of which are well understood by Republicans:


1. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy into poverty.
2. What one receives without working, another must work for, without receiving.
3. The government cannot give anything, which it does not first take from somebody else.
4. You cannot multiply wealth, by dividing it.

When half the people, get the idea they don't have to work, because the other half will take care of them — and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work, because somebody else is only going to get half … well that my dear friends, marks the end of any nation.

Welcome to Obama's food stamp nation. We can only imagine at this point, what Bernie Sanders might have in store for us. 😞

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Re: Meanwhile, At the Collective Central...

I see that Art Laffer has graciously taken some time from his role as advisor to Sam Brownback's Kansas economic miracle to lead the economic brain trust for the Cruz campaign.


The problem appears to be that trickle down hasn;t worked nationally because they didn't give the .1% enough for there to be any left to trickle down. So Ted is going to cure that by handing out the biggest windfall to the wealthy in history. And, he swears, this time it will work- he's guaranteeing 5% growth. TrusTed.


Although meanwhile back in Kansas, Gov. Brownback is thinking it may take up to a decade for his mojo to kick in. Kansas is redder than red and I wouldn't be shocked if enough of the citizenry agrees to be subject to water torture in order to find out.


BTW, my guess is that Kansas has already voluntarily put itself into a negative feedback loop that it can't extricate itself from. If you're going to be radical you'd better be right.


Also, for the other guy, I am amused by life imitating art. In House of Cards season 4, Pres. Underwood is embarassed by pictures showing his father in KKK regalia.

Re: Typical....

Whenever the leftist theory of anything is shown to be rubbish, the typical next step for said Leftists is to whip out the 'race card' against the perceived leader of the opposition.


Speaking of Trump, .... How big do you think his landslide is going to be in he New York primary? Over 60%? 70%?

Re: Typical....

Apparently you're of the mistaken opinion that those crackerbarrel pontifications from the Wasilla, Iowa GOP just devastated the "leftist' case.


Sort of a difficult line to walk whereby you're certain that it is pure folly to try to elevate the minimum wages of Those People but if the orange haired mafioso gets tough with China there will once again be an abundance of working wage manufacturing jobs for Good People.


But I'm sre you can, and have.


BTW, I don't know if Trump needs economic advisors but here's another stinky blast from the past.