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Meanwhile, the Deep State

slouches forth.


In retrospect there's little surprise that a lot of folks couldn't get excited about Obama/Dems as a kindler, gentler face of neolib economics and neocon foreign policy. 


But either way an election goes, the bees are busy in Jerusalem, London, NY and DC (and the gulf states, presumably) in the continuation of the neocon agenda.


There's a fair amount of sympathy for PutinCorp on both the extreme left and right. Fair enough, actually, he probably has "a point" in regards to meddling on his periphery over the last two decades but he's also standing in the way (for obvious reasons) with gas from Israel and the Gulf getting to Europe and breaking his monopoly and strategic advantage.


I'm guessing that Brent Crude will continue lower into the winter and it is already well below Russia's (and Iran's) breakeven in terms of funding the budget. The Ruble is crashing and foreign reserves are evaporating. A long winter ahead, we'll see.


On the hot part of WWIII, the repub sweep probably means even more rhethoric about getting rid of those pesky ISISers, khorasans and whatnot. 


Somebody no doubt has some yada yada about Obama's failings in all of this. In reality here's the pivotal point- he needed to get rid of Maliki as head of Iraq because there is no way anyone, R or D, was going to maintain a presence in Iraq without a status of forces agreement that protected them from prosecution.  So maybe we could have overthrown the president from the Shiite majority following a vicious civil war which we only barely got out of by making a degree of peace with the shiite leadership and using vast amounts of slush money to hire the Sunni tribes as mercenaries.


So I'm actually not seeing that having gone well one way or the other but there really isn't any way out since the neocons lied us into this and burned the bridges behind. But there had to be WMD, right, because otherwise an exceptional nation wouldn't enter into such action?


Could be some big surprises either from Russia or the ME but I'm thinking not. Probably just continue to lumber forward in continual low grade warfare.


The global neolib game is the other side of the Deep State and I'm actually thinkin' it might be interesting. We had a pre-election stock market ramp of historic proportions following Bullard's sugestion that we'd get QE4 if needed and the BOJ action.


But the world is still plagued by massive excess capacity relative to demand and while rmaping asset prices may add marginally to deamnd and generally create a sense of calm.


That's where I think the election gets interesting. I'm wondering if we don't have a case of the falcon flying too far from the falconer, although the Deep State has shown itself to be remarkably resourceful in getting folks into line as needed.



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Senior Advisor

Re: Meanwhile, the Deep State

The best way to deal with the deep state is to defund it. Shallow it up so to speak.

Senior Contributor

Re: Meanwhile, the Deep State

You've got some kind of delusion that government can be all powerful and benevolent.