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Re: Media getting Trump supporters all wrong

Hillary if she wins will of course do what she wants, but one thing about the way her husband governed and some say he was "successful" he worked to win people over, they would say at a gathering, Bill didn`t spend time with his friends, he spent time with those that disagreed with him.  Obama didn`t do that, he basically said from day one Janurary 20, 2009 that "I won it`s my way or the highway" and for 8 years that is how it`s been.  I predict "president Hillary" will be the same damned way, the problem is that`s nearly half the country she`ll be giving the finger to.  Her trouble is she isn`t as "beloved" to many as Obama is, so it`ll be interesting how that terrible event will unfold.


I think Hillary should adress the NRA convention and tell them there won`t be gun bans and try to form a coalition with gunowners and gun safety...but that isn`t what she wants, she wants gun confiscation and when she has the power that is exactly what she will do.

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Re: Media getting Trump supporters all wrong



Gun bans ??!


You have been literally screeching for 8 years that Obama is going to take your toys away,and you will spend the next 8 saying Madame President will.


Yipeeeeeeeee, can't wait to read your tired ole crap over and over and over...........