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Senior Reader

Memorial Day service in NC Iowa

Just got back from Memorial Day Service here in NC Iowa. Nice service as always, lots of grey hair in the lineup. Looking back those guys were the "goers" 50 years ago, making the good life.
Wish I could have been in one of the two jets that flew from one flag decorated cemetery to another, must have been quite a sight flying across NC Iowa today. After a half inch  rain everything was fresh. More than makes up for last winter and an ugly March


Our son in law was born and grew up in Potsdam in East Germany, he was one of those students who went to Leipzig and later danced on The Wall.  I am sure he has a Stazi file,  When the wall came down he and his friends traveled, as much as poor college students could, because the felt that their freedom would not last.  It was Memorial Day when our daughter brought him home for the first time.  He questioned and almost was upset by the many flags that stood around the cemetery and around town.  He said that in Germany, flags were only on government buildings.. He thought that our flag waving was Nationalistic, not such a good thing in Germany.  We have learned a lot from him, he is now a US citizen, he did it the hard way, legally.