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Men in black

Hmm...seems they must have visited, I noticed
Some postings are ""missing"".
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Re: Men in black

You said you wanted a kinder gentler form. Now smile.


Re: Men in black

yeah, I have had a few posts "disappear" also, ones that directly pointed out the lack of intellect in some of the progressive types that post here. I guess one needs to follow proverbs to be be silent and conceal your wisdom and let the fools proclaim their collective folly.


Better to have some nut putting up uncontested balderdash here than going postal at his former workplace, or shooting his successful neighbor or in law, or driving into a crowd of straight Christian people.


I had an encounter a week ago with a crazy person and lived, so I am regarding each day as a gift.

Senior Contributor

Re: Men in black

Must not be able to point out the irrational things about religion I guess.