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Message from Lincoln..bring back earmarks

I just heard that from Joe Klein on `This Week with George` what he was referring to was the sleazy way that Lincoln got the 13th Amendment passed.  I went to the movie yesterday and that whole theme is what I took away from Speilberg`s idea of Lincoln.  On `This week` they say there should be a screening of the movie to show Congress how to get things done, in other words "crooked is okay...yeah even Honest Abe had to be crooked to get good things through"  ...The new liberal push is "watch the movie...see great things can happen when we offer higher jobs, bribery, arm twisting, anything goes"  One has to remember that this movie was pure fiction.   On this "fiscal cliff" that they are all gnashing teeth over, it is a "$600 billion in tax increases and spending cuts...that are totally UNACCEPTABLE"  well last time I checked the annual deficit has been north of $1 Trillion for 4 yrs in a row, that is our trajectory.  So, to basically just cut the deficit in half is unacceptable, but if...if we did do that our national debt will still be $19 or $20 Trillion.  Given that, it isn`t the worst thing in the world that 0bama is holding this burning bag of dog poop.

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Re: Message from Lincoln..bring back earmarks

Les than 2 years ago we were stand right here at the same fiscal cliff. Now, 2 TRILLION dollars later here we stand again.

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Re: Message from Lincoln..bring back earmarks

AND the country is still standing and things are slowly turning around and maybe since the repubs in Congress have actually uttered the words "work together" and "compromise", just maybe more things to help the economy will get done.