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Mexico doesn`t accept US Military aid

The murder of the family living in Mexico is too close to home being less than 100 miles of the border (why we want to allow immigration of cartel`s nephews, brothers and sons is beyond me).  What was it a couple weeks ago the Mexican government just let ElChapo`s son loose to go back to the cartel....that tells you who literally calls the shots down there.  

President Trump offered military support to defeat the cartels and the Mexican president turned it down, is he that under the thumb of the cartel or retarded?   Seems to me cartel bases should be confirmed and Hellfire missiled until a square mile of each is leveled like a empty parking lot.  The hell with collateral damage, if you live within a mile of those animals, you are assuming risk. 

These cartels are a clear & present danger to the United States and need taken out.  

By the way, how`s that gun control in Mexico working out?