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Michael Hudson on Panama


Interesting. And FWIW, as far as the payment system used by multi-national oil is described, nobody can really object to my assertion that Big Oil can't easily launder money to the Kochs for political and disinformation purposes.


Koch is the perfect onshore vehicle because it is a privately held corporation and thus subject to even less in the way of transparency requirements. Basically as long as they don't run afoul of the IRS they can do as they wish with the money.


I'm sure The Boys are on board ideologically as well but it is a deal that you wouldn't have a hard time finding takers on. Half the country may hate you but you get to be among the richest individuals on the planet.And a lot of the ones who matter will love you.

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Re: Michael Hudson on Panama

Saw this and was reminded of being widely derided for simply whispering something about Skoux Falls being a mob money laundering point. Now I see South Dakota mentioned in that role in Hudson's article. Also thinking that Hudson, Bill Black, Steph Kelton etal are glad that their UKC is on the East side of the border.  I'd expect that if it were on the other the good Gov. Brownie and the venerable Bros. from Witchita would have shut the place down by now. It appears that the guvs own people are throwing the cowshlt that they cooked up with him back in his face:

PS on education in Kansas

Our Nephew was looking at colleges a couple of years back. His interest was in studying economics. Was told that if he had any interest in "corporate management" that the go to school for that is Witchita State. Told that they had virtually unlimited resources, thanks to a huge endowment. Imagine that.