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Michael Mann statement

Appears to be procedural and not about the science in either the plantiff or defendant's cases.

Nevertheless, it was shot that echoed through the wingersphere. I drove down by the local militia trailer park and they were all shooting their ARs in the air and chanting "lock her up."

Next they're fixing on taking on the Amazon Oxygen Hoax.

Actually do need to be a little cautious there since some of the estimates concerning that are probably highly excessive and it just creates a straw man for the knockin'. But 10% of earth's oxygen isn't chickenfeed, either.

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Re: Michael Mann statement

Anonymous sources report the Obama's new Martha Vineyard property value has dropped by half since the fire has become public. The Obamas are reported to be contemplating legal action.....HEE HEE HEEE.

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Re: Michael Mann statement

"Mann sued Ball claiming that Ball had libeled him.

That appears to have been a grave error, as once in court Ball had every right to prove that his statement was not false and defamatory, with one of the defenses, of course, being that what he said was true.

So he filed for discovery and demanded Mann's data and formulas.

Mann refused to comply.

In fact, Mann refused to comply for eight years.  That's right -- this lawsuit has been going on for a long time.  Mann allegedly agreed to comply in 2017 and didn't.  Eventually the BC court (Canada) got tired of the games and entered a dismissal awarding fees and costs to Ball.

So let's recap this.

Mann has never turned over his data and formulas.

Mann has been asked for them repeatedly, and has refused.

Ball repeatedly called Mann out on this to a degree that Mann believed he had been libeled (defamed in writing) and sued.

This entitled Ball to Mann's source data and formulas, because the entirety of Mann's claim rested on Ball making a false and defamatory statement.  Truth is, in nearly all cases, an absolute defense to a libel suit.  The court agreed, and ordered Mann to turn it over.  He failed to do so, repeatedly, but to forestall a summary judgement agreed to turn the data over in 2017.   He again failed to do so and this time the court ran out of patience and told him to go suck eggs, not only dismissing his lawsuit but awarding fees and costs to the defense, which is not typically done unless the court finds that the suit was originally filed under vexatious or otherwise fraudulent pretense."

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Re: Michael Mann statement

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Re: Michael Mann statement

Old news.  Mann just lost and has to pay.

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Re: Michael Mann statement

it never ceases to amaze me how many times nutz and boriz will post something they got off a google search without reading it, and especially the comments. More often than not, the comments will show that their article is total crapola. That's why a free exchange of ideas is usually the best defense against fascism. Obama got the freedom to put his stuff out there, and the result was a conservative tidal wave to repudiate what he did but unfortunately some of us are still paying for his eight years. But if that was the price to pay to stop the slide to a Venezuelaian dystopia, so be it.