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Michelle Obama campaigns for Bruce Bailey

So you dips in IA are suppose to vote for Bruce Braley on the advice of Michelle Obama when she doesn't even know enough about him to know how to pronounce his name. Yeah. Thats some heavy weight smarts behind the guy. Yep, these are the smartest among us telling us to trust them with our health care.



It's been a rough campaign for Rep. Bruce Braley (D), who is running for the U.S. Senate in Iowa. It got a bit worse Friday when first lady Michelle Obama campaigned for him.

First, she called him "Bruce Bailey." (Bill Clinton also recently made the same mistake.) Then she said he was a Marine Corps veteran. (He's not.)

The Des Moines Register posted video of the event:

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gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: Michelle Obama campaigns for Bruce Bailey

This is an appalling gaffe on her part. There is no turning back from a disgusting slip of the tongue. Obama should resign the presidency immediately and replaced with Mickey Mouse or John Wayne.

I notice you always select the topics of riveting importance to your nation.
Senior Contributor

Re: Michelle Obama campaigns for Bruce Bailey

Braley voted with Obama to inflict this poisonous non-health care on us and took over $700,000,000,000.00 away from Medicare that I and millions of WORKING Americans have paid into.  This is theft and Braley was part of it.  He also is a supporter of the president on open borders further lowering American wages and taxing our school and welfare systems.


We were told there were 30 million people without health care.  Now with the government taking over the health care nothing has changed except people who used to have affordable care find they no longer have care or those who had care from their jobs find it's gone.


Braley also supports the EPA in its grab to control every bit of land in the US that has a puddle of water. 


It's time for him and his tribe to leave.

Senior Contributor

Re: Michelle Obama campaigns for Bruce Bailey

Clap, clap, clap!! Congratulations, you are totally and completely, brain washed! All the right talking points, you win the Blue Ribbon!!

Senior Contributor

Re: Michelle Obama campaigns for Bruce Bailey

Let's see, you never change your mind no matter what the facts.  You also don't speak to the discussion but you simply utter some inane comment about another poster.  You being an elderly person should be concerned about the future of health care where you get a pain pill rather than a new hip.  Or you get sent home to die rather than get bypass surgery.  Medicare money has been stolen by Obama and the Democrats.  Obamacare hasn't accomplished anything but disrupting what was a pretty good health system for millions of people.  Now most of those 30,000,000 still don't have care and along with them are millions of others that have lost their health care or they've discovered that they have much higher premiums as they are being forced to buy care that they will never use or need.  Example, an 80 year old woman doesn't need pregnancy insurance nor do any of the guys I know.


Then too, Mr. Braley certainly is no friend of agriculture with his support of the encroachment of property rights by the EPA which he further exacerbated by emailing farmers urging them to contact the EPA and voice their opposition to the proposed rules.  Then Mr. Braley voted to give the EPA the exact power which he had emailed opposition to. 


Now you may lack the ability to change your mind and may not have the ability to coherently discuss these discrepancies between what Mr. Braley says and what he does but you do have the ability to make half hearted negative comments regarding other posters.