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Might be a small circle around the wagons

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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Might be a small circle around the wagons

It`s an important issue, if you only can afford one or two guns, you don`t want those one or two taken away or you`ll have none.   The criminals will always have guns as many as they need.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Might be a small circle around the wagons

yeah, it's pretty obvious by the numbers of gun registrations, and

sign ups for concealed carry classes, that gun ownership is way

down and interest is waning and on the way out 


All it takes is a Harvard type survey to identify the obvious trends

in America, right?


If you do have some decent guns you want to get rid of, I am always

in the buy mode for the right price. Hard to beat the deals at Cabellas

as they make a market and the buyers there operate on pretty thin

mark ups to keep the traffic flowing in.


I guess more wives and 14-21 year olds, and older, need to get on the

radar with their own formal gun ownership before Harvard starts another

survey. You "just know" too, that every gun owner is just going to pick up

the phone and tell an anonymous caller how many guns they have in the

household.....all 50% of the American households that own guns. Yes sir,

you betcha.


Did you ever take any instruction in critical thinking?????? For guys with

the powers of intellect that you seem to possess, it actually is a good thing

that some form of government has provided you with a secure retirement.