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Mike - the most radioactive fish caught in Japan

It just keeps getting better and better.  Yesterday at the Land Expo in DSM a weather scientist disclosed something that eveyone has been mum about in the United States.  The drift of radioactive particals settling over the United States from the reactor disaster in Japan.  It appears those reactors have not been shut off, and cannot be shut off intil robots are built to turn them off.  But while we are waiting these particles are being spewed into the atmosphere and have been drifting and being deposited mainly in the United States.  These particles are settling on land producing crops, milk,or meat for human consumption.  I imagine before our USDA or other government issues a warning we will all be glowing like lightening bugs. Well . . . now to the fish!  


In connection with the reactor immitting radioactive material, it seems not only the United States is being contaminated with the fall out.   In my zero hedge reading today, I found this article regarding "probably" the most radioactive fish ever caught since that disaster.  Enjoy the picture and the article. John