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Minnesota again toying with 16yr voting

So on the one hand 16yrs are bright and smart and intelligent and all; that good stuff so they should vote.....okay I can go along with that buuuuuut "their brains aren`t developed, they shouldn`t buy a rifle until they`re 21!   They can`t drink booze until they`re 21, they shouldn`t be able to smoke cigarettes until they`re 21!"    Hmmmmm


This is older story but Minnesota is trying again, heard on Almanac show  



Who would benefit?

Some say that lowering the voting age, like other turnout-boosting practices, will disproportionately benefit Democratic and progressive candidates at the ballot box. Eric Ostermeier, who studies politics at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs, has researched these kinds of get-out-the-vote policies, and says the raw numbers back up the Democratic advantage.

Roughly eight to nine million people would be eligible to vote if the minimum age were lowered to 16. According to Ostermeier, Americans aged 18 to 24 disproportionately support and identify with Democrats over Republicans. Forty to 50 percent of this demographic identifies as Democratic, a third identifies as independent, and about 20 percent are Republican. If what Ellison is proposing becomes law, he says, “it would be a boon to Democrats.”

Ellison disagrees with that line of thinking, saying that young people are ideologically diverse and often support conservative viewpoints. He also brought up the practice of same-day voter registration, a “progressive” measure that Minnesota has had in place for decades. “They think it will help Democrats … well, in Minnesota, we’ve had Republican governors, independent governors, Republican governors,” Ellison says. 




Shame?  No, Democrats ain`t got any.