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Misogyny - Hatred & dislike of women, prejudice against women.


You can ki!! unborn female babies, harvest & sell their organs, and no democrat in congress will call you a misogynist.  However if you ask the head of not planned parenthood, whom receives 500+ million dollars in tax payer funding, what her salary is, then you are a misogynist according to the Pilosi crew.   


Seems it is OK to disuss Fiorina's salary however.




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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Misogyny

Kind of like Carly FIona said....the women in America know who the real misgynocists are....or at least the high info ones,do.


Of the dozen or so regular posters here, I would probably also leave my kids with less than half of them, too, and the ones I would avoid, based on what thoughts they post , are all progressive types.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Misogyny

Tell us once again who is selling organs!!


bruce MN

Re: Misogyny

Don brings to mind the old nursery rhyme about ol' Jack Spratt. Most apropos. Quite specifically, in fact.