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Re: Missed Slovenia

Well, good for you Canuck, you and I agreed about something and you were correct in that instance  🙂 


My point is if you connect the dots BEFORE George W Bush, there were plenty of Democrats and Republicans setting the stage for war in 1998, 1999 and 2000.   Don`t let Democrats off the hook, the wars would NOT have happened without them and I have the recordings of their voices to prove it.  Yes, in "safe" districts you had Democrats that successfully opposed the wars, but it was calculated that they could support war, put a flag pin on their lapel and still get re-elected.


Geoge w Bush was supposed to be so "stupid" yet to cover their tracks this supposed "buffoon" somehow hoodwinked them  B### S###!! They either willingly sent troops to fight a war that they knew was fraudulent for re-election purposes oooor they are so stupid that a chimpanze was able to pull a fast one on them.  Neither case is a good one, however being stupid, is at least exucusable, sending our country to war for no reason is evil.


Re: Missed Slovenia

We can have a good conversation as I missed church (furnace problem) and all the Good People will be gone.


As far as your anecdote goes you have to understand, it was Florida.


I've been meaning to tell you that I'll not be heading north of our border for a while. Was invited by freinds to their place on Rainy Lake in July. 15 mins in we're out on his boat and an OPP boat buzzes in, pulls up. Starts asking question on our papers, all in order. Asks questions about firearms, other contraband, looking around the boat.


Asks me if I've ever been arrested before in Canada. Whoa.


Then they get down to the real purpose which is to check the safety equipment. We failed on #17- a signalling device (friend says he doesn't know where the darn whistle went) and he proceeds to get down to the purpose which is to issue us each a ticket for $240, apparently to meet a deficiency in the Queen's Jubilee Fund.


I thought I might really go to jail though, when I took it and asked him "that's in Canadian money, right?" Sargeant Preston didn't have much of a sense of humor.


Lot's of places I can go and that isn't going to be one of them.



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Re: Missed Slovenia

That would mess up a vacation.

Those border lakes are prime areas for smugggling in guns.

Was this a US or Canadian registered boat?

Would think they might have gone a little easy if it was a US boat but obviously you were in Canadian water.


Maybe the officers were having a bad day and took it out on you or they were trying to be like the Mounties who "always get their man"


Good thing it was Canadian $$


Come on back someday, most of us are real nice and it is kind of nice to be among the Bad People and not get involved in unsbustantiated myths.


Re: Missed Slovenia

I've heard a lot of grumbling about treatment of Americans in Canada although its also been said that it didn't really start until Homeland Security and whatnot changed the tone on our side.


Some people complain about the exclusion of Americans with DUIs. My opinion is that it is a sovereign country and you can do whatever you want in that regard.


Another story is from a friend who was crossing at Windsor with her very American boyfriend of Asian heritage who was pulled out and sweated for several hours. Apparently there's a profile thing going on there concerning Asian drug gangs, human trafficking etc.although anyone who had made a simple assessment of the situation would have found that ridiculous.


I guess bureacracy rules everywhere and the whims of the bureacracy tend to trickel down throughout.