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Senior Advisor

Mnuchin tells Greta to go back to school

and get a degree in economics.

That from a guy who promised the tax cuts would pay for themselves and produce 4+% growth.

Of course in that regard he wasn't "wrong",  just lying.

Also here, as cutting carbon wouldn't have that high of an economic price at all. They just tell trashy and ignorant folk that and that anyway, they'll be coming for your (guns, property, first born) next.

The Foreclosure King is a clever fellow though- more than likely cooked up with the Primary Dealer Banks to fake a repo crisis so they do massive QE under the cover of it.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Mnuchin tells Greta to go back to school

Well I hope she doesn't go back. Her head is already over flowing with fake science and has destroyed her childhood. Hopefully she gets some counseling that can help her to cope and maybe some one who cares enough to give her enough truthful science so she can determine truth from nonsense. Sad what those who are suppose to protect her have done to her through their greed and selfishness.

Senior Contributor

Re: Mnuchin tells Greta to go back to school

"In 2019, the government’s revenues amounted to $3.5 trillion—$133 billion (or 4 percent) more than in