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Modern Ag combats climate change

If climate change wasn't a leftist conspiracy this would be good news.

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Re: Modern Ag combats climate change

I though maybe you were refering to the recent Farm Bureau Spokesman article telling us how large scale farming and large scale hog operations improve the quality of life in the area.  The study done by ISU sociologists concluded the greater the scale of hog production in the county, the higher the quality of life ratings for the community.  That is unless you are a neighbor to the large scale producers.  The study looked at income growth, unemployment rates, crime and other "objective measures."  The article states that in addition a graduate student surveyed small town residents to "get a reading of other aspects of community life to measure quality."  "Some of things they looked at were participation in local clubs, the health of youth programs and overall neighborliness."  Never mind the stores and schools closing or the ordor, air pollution and occasional manure leaks and spills resulting in fish kills and polluted streams and rivers as long as the card club players are showing up every Monday.  The people that did this study should be in charge of PR for BP.


Re: Modern Ag combats climate change

Hi Dag,


Yeah, that's about how I came to leave the FB after a couple of decades of being a good footsoldier. Big Pig is "an industry" and an industry can hire its own PR and lobby folks, doesn't need or deserve my volunteer efforts. Not out to tear them down but also not going to do them any favors beyond what is fair.


best, h