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Modern college campus

Tolerance is a one way street. Remember how outraged the progressive were when some dressed an Obama doll as a rodeo clown.



The same University of Central Florida student group that recently hosted a “Leftist Fight Club” workshop on physically fighting conservatives is now promoting a “Whack-a-Trump Pinata” event.

“Angry? Afraid? Stressed?” the Knights for Socialism group asks on its Facebook event page. “Come vent all that out with Knights for Socialism this Friday on the Free Speech lawn in a celebration of the Mexican and Latino culture that makes America and Florida so great!”


Despite its ostensibly positive purpose, however, the description then invites UCF students to “come take a swing at Trump and his cronies,” noting that “we will have multiple Pinatas ready to bash!”

An earlier version of the event page, which has since been modified, was even more direct about the group’s feelings toward its ideological opponents, touting the event as a way for students to “Let the traitorous Republican party know what you really think of them!”


A post in the discussion section of the event page left by Knights for Socialism further elucidates its antipathy toward President Trump, and even expresses disgust toward white, liberal feminists.

“¡Viva la Raza! Viva Mexico! COMBAT LIBERAL WHITE FEMINISM,” the post states, following that up with the hashtags “#ResistTrump #DeportTrump #SmashFascism #Revolution.”