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Modern day racism

Dems have completely destroyed MLK's dream.


A Washington Heights principal, accused by staffers of trying to divide the school by race, made good on a vow to ax white staffers and has let the school devolve into “insanity,” insiders said.

Paula Lev, the principal of High School for Law and Public Service faced a Department of Education probe last year after allegedly telling a teacher she was “going to get rid of all these white teachers that aren’t doing anything for the kids of our community,” according to a complaint.

The complaint, first filed with the DOE, is now before the state Division of Human Rights.

Lev, who is Dominican, gave excess notices to four white staffers at the 450-student school in the last year, and made other unpopular changes, insiders said.

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Re: Modern day racism

(Dems have completely destroyed MLK's dream.)

Yes, and the dreams of those 450 kids every year that are having their futures destroyed by staff only concentrating on wokeness.

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Re: Modern day racism