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Mollie Hemingway

Makes a great point. If Bloomberg couldn't buy the 2020 election how did Putin buy the 16 election.

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Re: Mollie Hemingway

Putin had the help of Facebook, Twitter and poll workers?

Putin was smarter?

Our country has been infiltrated by the Russians?

It was a plot by the Democrats in conjunction with Putin to tear the country apart so they could ultimately gain complete control?

Re: Mollie Hemingway

OMG is that full circle. 

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Re: Mollie Hemingway

 R- Calif. - Kevin McCarthy  (  house  minority)  summed it up,  about  children,  along  for  the  ride ,  on  3-08 -  -  -

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Re: Mollie Hemingway

"Russia getting Trump elected in 2016" is so insane, that to discuss it, I`d have to go 36 hours without sleep and drink a 12 pack of Mountain Dew to be in that mindset.  I mean Facebook ads telling everyone that "Hillary is a crook"...did anyone not already know that?  That was part of her selling point to the Democrats in the nomination, that calling her a crook wouldn`t stick because everyone knew it.