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Money Man, Robert Mercer

Interesting read about the man behind Bannon and your dear leader.


Money and technology helped your dear leader and Brexit get just enough votes.


Bannon’s relationship with Robert Mercer is cited in a remarkable lawsuit brought by David Magerman, a former employee of Mercer’s hedge fund, Renaissance Technologies. On its surface, the lawsuit is a wrongful dismissal complaint against Mercer. But at its heart, it is an indictment of Mercer’s character and reputation that draws together his political views, his connections to Bannon and Trump and racist comments Mercer allegedly made to Magerman directly.

“I have a lot of respect for Bob Mercer. I think he’s a very intelligent person, a very thoughtful person,” Magerman told me recently. But he quickly added, “If the world knew what he was trying to do, they wouldn’t stand for it.”
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Re: Money Man, Robert Mercer

As far as apparently having bedrock beliefs that the problem with the world is government and colored people, he'd fit right in here.


Can't do anything about that. Can eliminate the very attractive tax rates that he enjoys, regulate financial markets more heavily and pass a strict campaign finance law, or at least pass the best one possible and then dare the SCOTUS to strike it down.


BTW, Bernie Sanders proved that a candidate can compete just fine without big money and a rear guard action to defend the reign of the oligarchs is just going to energize democracy.