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Money corrupting government

Red light camera's

Ignoring the Constitution and corrupting government as governments act more like carny hawkers making it hard to win.


"There is more evidence that greater public safety actually depends on the timing of yellow and red lights. Longer yellow and all-way red times have been shown to significantly reduce accidents. . . . local governments actually decrease yellow-light timing to catch more red-light runners, a result of the perverse financial incentives that tempt government officials and camera companies. Studies also show motorists are more likely to hit the brakes hard at camera-enforced intersections, increasing rear-end collisions."



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Senior Advisor

Re: Money corrupting government

Sorta like they want to turn the 'burbs and one light towns into Ferguson, MO?

Senior Advisor

Re: Money corrupting government

Old Fart alert.

I generally don't enter an intersection on green without looking both ways on account of the general disregard for yellow lights, even if the soccer mom in the SUV who's late for work is honking, or not. And my own decision on whether to stop or go on a close yellow call is usually predicated on whether there's a hard charger on my bumper in the rear view (who typically also goes through).

And you #### kids get the #### off my ####### lawn, too.