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Re: Monica

She does have a nice set of.............brains???

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Re: Monica

Monica was the real victim, she didn`t have a clue as to what she was getting into with the Bill and Hillary team.   What is hard for many of us to wrap our heads around is how narcissistic people behave 



Bill and Hill don`t have a marriage as many of us understand marriage, they formed a "limited liabilty partnership".  People like that are all about power and they use each other in a symbiotic relationship to achieve their goals.  If having a kid (poor Chelsea) fits in what they project to the public, they`ll have a kid, if sleeping around gets their partnership ahead, they will sleep around with the full support of the other partner (bimbo eruption team).  


If one watches Netfix`s House of Cards, it`s a real case of art imitating life, with the goings on of Frank and Clair Underwood.  The Obamas aren`t much different, they seem to have other vices than Bill`s struggle with his overactive libido, but narcissistic pyschopaths none the less.