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More Breaking News

Here is something for your country to fix.

If a little country like Canada with only 1 10th the population can produce a drug for 1 10th the cost maybe that explains why you are nor competitive in trade.

In the U.S. the cost of a vial of insulin is about $340 ($450 Cdn). In Canada, the same vial will average about $30. On Sunday, an "insulin caravan" rolled through the border city of Windsor, carrying about 15 people with Type 1 diabetes.



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Re: More Breaking News

Maybe Congress can get on that, instead of holding witch-hunt hearings, because of their failed coup d'etât attempt. 

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Re: More Breaking News

Guess you didn't hear Trump saying the same thing last week and it needs to end. The US tax payer are providing insulin for people living in other countries.


Re: More Breaking News


Check out Mitch and his caucus and, unquestionably, a few of their “New Democrat” colleagues.

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