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More Dr. Evil


As I've said (few takers I gather) I actually don't agree with everything Krugman says on broader politcal and policy matters. I do pay attention on economics and he's one of the five or so top people in the academic world on trade economics.


A powerful indictment by the Nyet Bloc is coming, I'm sure.


But worth a read, and also this in regards to some of the crazypants internet economics going around:


"But didn’t protectionism cause the Great Depression? No, it didn’t — protectionism was a result of the Depression, not its cause. By the way, if you want an example of a policy that really did have a lot to do with the Great Depression’s spread, that would be the gold standard — which Ted Cruz wants to restore."


There's really, actually a lot more at stake in this election than most realize. Real stuff.