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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

More Hope for America...demographics

Micheal Barone lays out the landscape....


I don't agree with him about the mexicans in just look at all the hardworking Americans that have raised generations of snot nosed kids that don't want to work or support the current old farts on social security to know that sometimes the apples do roll away from the tree.


But I do know that I never dreamed MN would take back the house from the Democrats, and a stronger candidate would have captured the governorship, too, here. 


Despair was premature, but so is complacency.


I did see old liberal Bob Schieffer on TV Sunday before the Teddy Bridgewater show, and he was talking politics, and admitting that the nation seems a lot more conservative than anyone thought. He had that Senator Claire McCaskill on that Boris says he wanted a night with, and that is one ugly woman. I thought it was James Carville with a wig on for a moment. Has anyone ever seen Carville and Claire in the same room at the same time? No accounting for peoples preferences, I guess. Knock yourself out, Boris.


But even Senator McCatskiller said that if the Democrats take the election results and go more liberal, 2016 will be a disaster. So there! 

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bruce MN

Re: More Hope for America...demographics

Not one word in either your post or the Townhall article about any political issues.  Not one. Some little nod to abortion but that' snot realy a political issue that swings anything anymore, with choice over 70% supported and courts backing legislation and referendums failing.


The Democrats willvery likely  NEVER gain the U.S. House in your or my lifetim.  The 20110 elections in red state legislatures sealed that.  So some way of getting through it all for a few more cycles has to be come up with.  Best answer, for me anyhow, would be some Republican like we had in the good old days (pre-1994). But as in sso long as the ponly attention paid to issue within the GOP is the taking and application of litmus tests that ain't gonna happen.


HOw come everything comes around to physical atrractiveness and crude level sex for you. If I said that I thought highly of the Senator from  Missouri that doesn't mean that I'd like to at may advanced age wheere it would be a joke anyway bed her down.  If I have said anything about some attractive Senator and how I was attracted to her it would have been, and I'm sure I did as affected as I was after seeing her close up, it would habve been Senator Boxer.  One of the purley cutest middle aged people I've ever seen.


But keep picking away at general context of what people say here and then posting fractured mythographies and attributions and your massive fan base here will only grow.  BTW,word is that trophy status is a bit of a stretch.



Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: More Hope for America...demographics

Well, what you said was that you wished you could be Claire's husband after her upset win in either the primary or general election night. Maybe she looks better in the dark, too.


But aside from her appearance, the woman was pretty politcally astute and flexible on her positions so maybe she does have some appeal. First time I ever saw her or heard her speak, and she is more attractive from a political side than Elizabeth Warren who appears to have fruitloop status. Claire doesn't come across as a fruitloop...seems pretty mainstream to me.

Senior Contributor

Re: More Hope for America...demographics

Senator Klobashar appears to be a senator that would be easy to love. No sexual implications but clearly a likeable person.


I still got the alligator wrestler on my lustful mind!  Ah janet reno!