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More TOWS, need Stingers quickly


Big reason why that Putin made his move was that the Free Syrian Army was having huge success with TOWs that we were sending through SA.


Now they need some stingers quickly- the ones that home in on red stars. Pooter's hope is to have permanently tipped the balance and moved back before that can happen.


BTW, worth noting that the Netanyahu Doctrine (everyone is Israel's enemy so attack, or get the US to attack everyone until a greater Israel is in place) lies in tatters as a Russian air base and carrier lie within quick striking distance of Jerusalem.



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Re: More TOWS, need Stingers quickly

What's Joe Biden say about all of this?


Big Ffffing Deal?


Remember when Biden was lauded as the brains of the foreign policy sector of Bambi's administration.


Hopefully Americans will remember why we get into wars during Democratic administrations ....not because of strength, but because of weakness and snafu's.



Re: More TOWS, need Stingers quickly

Civil War, Spanish American War, War in The Phillipines, Vietnam, Iraq 1, Afghanistan, Iraq 2....oh, yeah....Grenada all started under GOP administrations.  WW1 and wide conflicts very, very well underway which we were essentially drawn into under Dems.  As well as Korea, because damned to near everybody was commiephobic. 


You guys all went to the same JFK/LBJ started Vietnam school, as easy as it is to seque into "Obama's"  Iraq and Afghanistan.


Re: More TOWS, need Stingers quickly

And fwiw, not that I think for a minute that LBJ should get a pass for the Gulf of Tonkin and the big escalation, US involvement in vietnam began under Ike.